Forward-Looking Leadership for Lisle Township

Vote by MailIt’s important that the officials who run and oversee Township services believe in the services they provide. Our team is committed to making sure that everyone in the community is heard, is informed, and is cared for.   Need to Vote by Mail? Click Here!

Our Vision for Lisle Township…

  • Increased access, expansion and creation of services to meet community needs. We aspire to ensure that Township services are readily available to all residents.
  • Enhanced outreach to inform and publicize the services available to residents for Improved Community Engagement.
  • Collaboration with sister Townships to increase efficiency and provide the highest level of service to our residents.
  • Responsible stewardship of tax monies with audits of programs and services to ensure efficiency.
  • Sustainable practices to ensure our community is adequately prepared for impacts of climate change and do our part to create a better community for future generations.

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